Careless Driving Ticket in Florida?

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We Fight Careless Driving Tickets

With most careless driving tickets the police officer did not witness what happened, so he or she is unable to testify against you at trial. Therefore, the only way you can be found guilty is through the testimony of the witnesses or other drivers at the scene.

Because witnesses may not have actually seen what occurred, or they may not remember two to three months later at your trial, a good cross-examination of the witnesses by our experienced traffic ticket lawyer often results in a dismissal of your careless driving ticket.

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If you were issued a ticket for careless driving chances are that you were involved in an accident and the officer blamed you. You can also be charged with careless driving if you were speeding, weaving through traffic, or following another vehicle too closely.

However, paying a careless driving ticket in Florida instead of contesting it results in a conviction on your driving record, up to 4 points on your license, and an increase in your insurance premiums.

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