Ticket for Running a Stop Sign?

If an officer believes that you did not come to a full and complete stop before the stop line or crosswalk, you will be issued a traffic ticket for running the stop sign. However, don’t just pay your stop sign ticket and get points on your license, call our traffic ticket lawyer now at (305) 775-3720 for a free consultation.

With most stop sign tickets issued in Florida, we can help you avoid points, traffic school, and court apperance.

Penalties for Running a Stop Sign

Paying a stop sign ticket without fighting it in court is an admission of guilt that results in up to 4 points on your license, a minimum fine of $179, and higher insurance premiums.

Running a Stop Sign Ticket Defense

Just because you received a ticket for running a stop sign doesn’t mean you are guilty. Perhaps the stop sign was hidden from view, the officer’s visibility of your vehicle was obstructed, or the stop line was faded. At TicketFit, our traffic ticket lawyer will fight aggressively to get your case dismissed.

Are you ready to fight back? Call (305) 775-3720 to begin.