Speeding Ticket in Florida?

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We Fight Speeding Tickets

At TicketFit, our speeding ticket lawyer is skilled at fighting all speeding tickets issued in Florida, including tickets in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, and Monroe County.

Our attorney will review the facts surrounding the initial stop, look for errors and omissions on the ticket, and examine the speed measurement device used by the officer for improper maintenance or calibration.

At TicketFit, our goal is to get your speeding ticket dismissed!

Free Consultation with Attorney

A speeding ticket in Florida can have serious consequences for your license and insurance premiums. Depending on how many miles over the speed limit you were driving, the penalties include expensive fines and points against your license.

In addition, some speeding tickets, such as those issued for going 30 miles over the limit and for speeding in a school zone, have more severe penalties, including mandatory court appearance and the suspension of your license.

Don't put your license and insurance at risk, call us now at (305) 775-3720 and speak directly with our speeding ticket lawyer.